Welcome to a sensory journey through Wilsons Promontory. Our tour provides a window to the wonders of this marine paradise, where nature unfolds in its most pristine form.

Cruise along the rugged coast, captivated by the sights. Witness historic South Point and journey into Bass Strait, revealing the mysteries of Victoria's marine national park.
Visit The Glennies, Anderson Islets, and Anser Island. The monumental boulders of Mount Oberon and Norman Beach's white quartz sands are mesmerizing. Skull Rock, surrounded by blue waters, reveals hidden shapes as you approach.

The sounds of Wilsons Promontory are equally captivating. You may hear the calls of Australian Fur Seals, the White-Bellied Sea Eagle, and the splash of dolphins and whales. These sounds form the backdrop of your adventure, making it truly immersive.

This tour celebrates nature in its purest form. From landscapes to wildlife, every aspect of Wilsons Promontory creates a tapestry of unforgettable experiences. It's a journey showing nature's beauty and letting you hear its heartbeat.




Departure Times


Every day


November to April

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Child (3-16)


Family - 2 Adults, 3 Children

We reserve the right to cancel or vary any trip and will incur no liability for any such cancellation or alternation

Tour Map


Norman Beach

Norman Beach, Wilsons Promontory's closest beach to Tidal River, offers snorkeling delights with its granite sheets and diverse marine life.


Oberon Bay

This body of turquoise water, features a two-kilometer main beach, expansive sand dunes, and tea-tree scrub. Home to the White Bellied Sea Eagle.


Wattle Island

Nestled within Wilsons Promontory, Wattle Island offers a sanctuary for little penguins, with diverse birdlife amidst its 22 hectares.


Anser Island

Anser Island, spanning 80 hectares, is a natural haven featuring undisturbed processes and a home for penguins and shearwaters.


Kanowna Island

Kanowna Island, a marine wildlife hub, hosts a vibrant seal colony and is a key breeding site for diverse seabird species.


Skull Rock

Skull Rock, a geological marvel, presents an intriguing skull-like formation, towering at 113 meters, and a sanctuary for cormorants.


Great Glennie Island

Great Glennie Island, with its significant sea caves and teeming birdlife, stands as a 138-hectare ecological and geological wonder.

Embark on a unique adventure at Wilsons Promontory, where exploration meets nature's untouched beauty. Our tours take you through this captivating land, igniting a spirit of discovery.

Step onto our amphibious boats designed for adventure and environmental consciousness. Transition seamlessly from the sandy shores to the sea, unveiling Wilsons Promontory's hidden wonders.

Feel the grandeur of the landscape as you navigate the waters. The granite cliffs and Skull Rock are sights to behold, shaped over time by the waves.

Our local guides, deeply connected to these waters, bring the stories of Wilsons Promontory to life. Each turn unveils a new perspective as they guide you, leaving lasting memories.

This journey is more than a tour; it's an awakening. A journey where nature's creations and the thrill of discovery combine to offer an experience like no other. Wilsons Promontory promises an adventure that resonates deep within, leaving you yearning for more.

Exhilarating open air cruise around Wilsons Promontory. - Paula M

What a spectacular way to see Wilson's Prom! - Friederika K

Best sightseeing cruise. - Gawri D

Excellent staff, great trip. Highly recommended. - Dan S